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The initially discovery in chemistry, the discovery of oxygen by Joseph Priestley in the 1770s, started once scientists searched " new air”” generally known as gas. Later, Antoine Lavoisier named this oxygen and described their role. Another discovery was your atomic theory by David Dalton, who have at first known as the atomic weights " the family member weights of ultimate particles”. His atomic theory was the revolutionary program that referred to the relationship between atoms and elements. Atoms combining into molecules was another breakthrough found the moment Gay Lussac saw the gases made twice the amount when merging equal amount of different gases. In 1811, Amedeo Avogadro realized that the assumptions that gases stay of single atoms to be wrong and this gases truly remain of multiple atoms, molecules. Another discovery was your synthesis of urea in the 19th 100 years when Friedrich Woehler produced urea from inorganic supplies, proving that substances manufactured by living things may be reproduced with non-living substances. The regular table of elements can be next breakthrough discovery and is found out by Dmitry Mendeleyev, who have made greeting cards and had written the identity of components, atomic weight, typical houses and its similarities with other factors, and after organizing them around, he saw that they get caught in seven straight groupings. Humphry Davy discovered and proved the power of electrical power to respond with chemical compounds and enhance, which after lead to rise in aluminum market, solar panels, partial conductors and etc. Later, bad particals where discovered by M. J Thomson and became considered to be smaller than different atoms. John Hyatt uncovered a way to exploit the very long stringing elements of cellulous and created the first plastic material. About fifty years after, Leo Baekeland took the next phase and with two chemicals from fossil fuel he learned the first fully man-made plastic. Another discovery was the idea that bad particals form substance bonds. Early on in 1900's, Gilbert Lewis...