A Report to Determine the Benefits of a fantastic Staff Well being System Research Paper

A Report to Determine the Benefits of a Good Personnel Welfare System




TWENTY-FIRST October 2012



Executive Summary1

Staff welfare and organisational objectives1

Procedure for assessing staff welfare2

Actions being taken2

Connecting responsibilities to get staff welfare3

Recording and maintaining personnel welfare systems4





1 . 1 This kind of report has become asked for simply by my administrator to determine the benefits to the organization of good and well bundled staff well being system. Latest statistics made by the companies Human Resources department demonstrate that the degrees of sickness and absenteeism happen to be unacceptably large.


2 . 1 This kind of Report considers 5 main objectives:

Talk about the relationship between staff well being and efficiency objectives. Make clear the process for assessing personnel welfare.

Identify the actions to be taken by the manager in working with a staff well being Issue. Describe how to communicate responsibilities to get staff well being to then team. Discuss records which may be maintained to show that personnel welfare is usually supported.

several. Discuss the relationship between staff welfare and organisational targets.

The relationship between staff wellbeing and efficiency objectives could be can be a slight balancing work but there are plenty of basic requirements we all expect when we head to work:

Secure working conditions / work environment (risk tests carried out) Safety coming from any kind of nuisance e. g. bullying, sexual, racial. Very good employee contact with people staying treated with dignity and respect. Similar opportunities.

Adequate induction into the company and ongoing training.

Some of these process's come by a cost and given the current economic downturn many organisations may want attempt to make cuts in certain areas namely ongoing training which is often expensive. Whenever we are able to present our personnel that we actually care about presently there interests and personnel creation it has been displayed in studies to increase the general feeling of wellbeing in the work place, this is that can increase productivity and reduce costs of sickness and absenteeism which in-turn leads to a positive effect on final conclusion profits.

Research by Dr Kerstin Alfes of Kingston University Business School discovered that:

Keeping staff happy might not be a high priority for employers inside the economic downturn. But a report by Kingston University argues which a contented workforce can help an organisation to have success and can even associated with difference between whether or not a struggling company survives the recession.


4. Make clear the process intended for assessing personnel welfare.

The procedure for evaluating staff wellbeing can be accomplished in several ways, all are based upon an open and honest flow of connection from front-line staff up the chain of command applying well described process's. Producing the cycle of command clear is additionally very important so staff know the dimensions of the correct approach to take and who to contact with any given issue/grievance. Here are several of the strategies we already have in place to evaluate staff well being:

Studies / Questionnaires.

Suggestion Box's (Anonymous).

Standard performance opinions / evaluations.

Near-miss and car accident reporting.

To work selection interviews.

All these process's are based on receiving an understanding of how the staff feel at the office and improvements that may be required to make issues run softer. One method our company has not yet designed fully can be described as workplace coaching scheme. This concept originated in the united states and looks by staff welfare not only in the effort place but outside this too, it recognises that many...

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