Concealed Go on College Campuses Essay

Concealed Go on College Campuses

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Charlton Rich

Teacher Snellgrove

The english language 100

twenty-seven April 2012

Final Examination Essay

Hidden Carry for individuals and Educators?

Allowing pupils to carry hidden weapons has changed into a hot matter over the last a few years. Violence on college campuses has been around given that colleges have got, but it required the bataille at Virginia Tech to open people's sight to try to fix the problem. Violence may possibly never end up being eliminated on campuses, nevertheless believing that it can be reduced by enabling teachers and students to transport concealed weaponry is not the answer. There exists a chance that allowing them to hold concealed weaponry on school campuses raises the violence. It would make it a lot more difficult for campus police to do their particular job successfully. Teachers and students really should not be allowed to bring concealed weapons on college campuses since it will create a much more chaotic environment, they are certainly not adequately conditioned to use them, and it takes the focus off of education.

Allowing professors and pupils to carry obscured weapons will not likely make university campus less dangerous. It will get them to more chaotic during a problems because rather than one person having a gun you may have several. Several questions that need to be considered will be: How will a 19 year old university student react with an active shooter? Would that they be able to take care of the threat? How much more people can have hurt because you have people shooting from all different directions? As reaction to this, there would be mass confusion on campus, and Abundant 2

answering law enforcement could then have more than one particular threat to manage. According to Thompson ain al., " Research has identified that bigger rates of firearm possession and ownership are associated with more functions of violence and higher rates of homicide and suicide” (248). Possessing weapons is a right to Americans within the second change and should not be infringed, but enabling maturing adults to carry all of them on a school campus can be absurd. A school...

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