The Best Does Money Buy Happiness Essay

Many people accept the fact that money can’t buy any happiness because it’s more about satisfaction and meaning than the acquisition of more items. However, money is not all bad because it enables people to feed their families and pay off mortgages, so it comes with certain benefits. Think about all sides to write your does money buy happiness essay. Reflecting this reality, many studies demonstrate some non-linear connection between happiness and money. They prove that people who earn too little aren’t happy, just like those who earn too much. This means that money in moderation can promote happiness, but it’s all about how you spend it.

Basic Ideas and Recommendations to Get Started

If you don’t know how to start this paper, consider the following ideas:

  • Think about how people spend money because it’s an effective determinant of their happiness (money may decrease happiness when it’s spent only on themselves);
  • Money can bring you happiness if you spend it on different experiences instead of things (use it to benefit others);
  • Spend money on less materialistic things to promote the sense of your well-being.

Can money bring people happiness? Perhaps, it can, but everything depends on how it’s used.

How to Write Your First Draft

You need to write the first draft of your essay because it can help you determine:

  • The framework and structure of the whole paper;
  • Which examples and evidence you use;
  • How you answer the main question;
  • How to logically structure all arguments.

This draft is not a final paper because it’s just some raw materials that will be refined via rewriting and editing. If you can’t cope with these important stages, contact us to get expert and timely help.

Tips on Structuring This Essay Correctly

Your basic goal is to structure this paper in an efficient way to communicate all ideas and answer the main question. Basically, all academic papers have the following structure.

The introduction should be catchy, it moves from general to specific, and this is where you need to:

  • Introduce a topic with a broad opening sentence;
  • Answer the main question with your thesis statement;
  • Provide the targeted audience with a brief and concise summary of your essay about happiness.

The main body should consist of a few interesting and logical paragraphs, and each of them is a building block in constructing your strong argument. This is where you need to:

  • Answer a basic question by developing a concise discussion;
  • Show your knowledge and researched sources;
  • Offer evidence to develop the main argument;
  • Use relevant expert quotes and examples.

Start every paragraph with an engaging topic sentence and introduce only one idea in it.

When these parts are ready, you should write a conclusion that moves from specific to general and:

  • Restates your answer to a given question;
  • Summarizes basic points;
  • Offers your broad final statement about future research directions, possible implications, and other ideas;
  • Doesn’t introduce any new information because its purpose is to sum up the whole paper.

Writing Essay Paragraphs

They are special groups of sentences that develop key ideas, and they all should include:

  • One topic sentence to state a basic idea;
  • Supporting sentences to develop and explain it;
  • Strong evidence;
  • Your analysis;
  • Concluding sentences that analyze evidence, restate your idea, and act as transitions to other paragraphs.

Tips for Your Successful Essay Writing

  • Start writing your does money buy happiness essay early to avoid procrastination and get more time;
  • Keep basic questions in mind and don’t list a track of them;
  • Write its conclusion and introduction when the main body is ready to simplify this process;
  • Integrate strong evidence carefully;
  • Divide the whole process into smaller steps or parts;
  • Put your essay aside for a while;
  • Revise everything when a final draft is finished.

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