Filipino Diaspora

 Essay upon Filipino Diaspora

Jouelle Jessica C. LozanoCORWRIT ESSAY


Filipino employees are relocating of their homeland to job overseas therefore they could easily get

bigger income and sustain the needs in the family. Inspite of the branding and labelling battle cry

of our companies in nation to OFWs as the " bagong bayani”, they are experiencing much

bigger complications such as friends and family issues, relationship gap between their children and prolonged

separation that leads to infidelity and other complications regarding their very own family.

Offshore Filipino Staff have a positive influence to the economy. The remittances

they mail to their family members strengthens the economy.

But on the other hand, working overseas means getting separated to their family and staying

segregated from their family creates difference. Despite the rewards like larger income,

things and also other stuffs, Filipinos must be disappointed from doing work abroad due to

negative major results it could provide their children. This gap can result to certain and even

quite a few misunderstanding in the families.

Moving out of the nation to operate is harmful for they will not know their very own luck.

OFWs may possibly encounter particular circumstances exactly where they can be maltreated. Some

sexual nuisance and rape.

These Filipinos are more likely to be afflicted by their children through their

absence and lack of care and like for them. Becoming separated from their family pertaining to work might also

result to having intact emotional support and determination but not any physical closeness which is incredibly

important. Through their absence and lack of treatment and take pleasure in for them, kids might rebel and

have a relationship space between them.

They will even long for fellowship company and because they all are alone working with

differing people in different races. The despair they feel being away from the persons they will love

and proper care the most is an essential problem of such Filipinos.



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