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Is the theory of cultural relativism by Franz Boas still appropriate today?

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Table of contents2



The concept of culture5

Well known individuality of this movement6

Franz Boas as iniciador of ethnic anthropology7

1 ) 0 Your life of Franz Boas7

1 ) 0. one particular Scientific position8

1 . zero. 2 Discipline research among the list of Inuit8

1 ) 0. 3 Field exploration among the Kwakiutl9

1 . 0. 4 Tradition such as language9

1 . 0. 5 Criticism10

1 . 1 ) 0 Boas and his students10

1 . 1 . 1 Criticism11

Is the theory of ethnical relativism simply by Franz Boas still suitable today? 11



Foundations, hardly, that they are set to disappear beneath the concealment of their function; they exposes only if the building is cracking. Hans Blumenberg

First of all, I would like to show my gratitude to my personal tutor Mrs. Rohstock, to get introducing us into the field of the cultural relativism. With your support I have been in a position to accomplish my personal scientific work with the above called topic. It absolutely was very interesting to research the differences between past and future with regards to cultural relativism. I would likewise thank 3 friends of mine: Lukas Greiser, Tuji Inthusan and Thomas F?rbrukar, which regularly used constructive criticism to approach myself to change my personal way to research.


The subsequent work can be divided into a lot of sections.

First, Let me explain the cultural idea, and the several theories and perspectives distinctive scientists. Finally, I will show the advantages and disadvantages of cultural relativism in today's applications. One of the main characters of this daily news is the German-born American anthropologist, linguist, physicist and geographer Franz Boas. He developed a historic particularism:

" Every Lifestyle has its own background development. You should not try to make an over-all law, just how cultures develop. ”

Thus he spoke against evolutionism of Lewis Henry Morgan. He and his college students such as Margaret Maede, improved the American anthropology permanently.

The concept of culture

Before you look at topics such as the cultural relativism, you have to know what is supposed by culture. This issue has presented me quite definitely headache at the start of my studies, because there are a variety of meanings. For any meaningful attempt to specify the concept of traditions, you must build a theory or rely on an already existing a single. In the etymology the concept of lifestyle is broken into two areas: narrow (" high” culture) and prolonged (" life-world”). Here the extended concept of culture is important, it seeks to unify all the activities and expression of a people, a group, culture or region. In order to better illustrate that figuratively, it is writable and constructed as being a kind of banquise whose basis or deep structure are definitely the values. Noticeable above the normal water surface are behavior, manners, artifacts and communication. The extended concept of culture is divided in return into the closed (" space”) and open up (" social”) cultures. The closed notion of culture is within turn broken into political, physical, linguistic and intellectual factors. This is considered since closed for the outside, I do believe it brings about problems and conflicts through a look at the reality. There are zero homogeneous ethnicities, it is mare like a mix. Just like a student you are coping with people by different points of the world, all of us go in another country by a reason of internships or examine semester and „migrate". We all meet many cultures that we make use of and learn. On the whole they condition us. Among my personal concerns on culture was since follow:

Are civilizations actually transformable?

Ethnicities are made...


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