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mod_deflate - Apache HTTP Server

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You should be aware This file refers to the two. 0 type of Apache httpd, which can be no longer preserved. Upgrade, and refer to the current version of httpd instead, documented for: Current discharge version of Apache HTTP Server records You may comply with this link to go to the current version with this document.

Apache Module mod_deflate

Description: Status: Module Identifier: Source Document: Compress content before it is delivered to the customer Extension deflate_module mod_deflate. c


The m deb d f a emodule provides the G F A Eoutput filter that allows outcome from your server to be o_elt ELT pressurized before staying sent to the customer over the network.


DeflateBufferSize DeflateCompressionLevel DeflateFilterNote DeflateMemLevel DeflateWindowSize


Sample Configurations Enabling Compression Coping with proxy web servers

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Sample Configurations

This is a simple sample configuration to get the intolerant. Compress just a few types AduptitryyeDFAEtx/tltx/li tx/m dOtuFleBTp ELT ethm etpan etxl

The following construction, while causing more pressurized content, is usually much more challenging. Do not utilize this unless you completely understand all the configuration details. document: ///C: /Documents and Settings/Hemant/My Documents/Downloads/mod_deflate - Apache HTTP Server. htm 1/5


mod_deflate - Apache HTTP Server

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