It’s high time to learn how to write a summary essay

There’re two basic types of summaries: a reader summary, composed to develop a better understanding of what you’ve already read and a summary essay, written for others and acting as an overview of an original text. The very essence of writing a summary essay is to persuade the audience to read it entirety. If it’s unclear to you how to write a summary essay, rely on a reputable online writing service.

Major steps to write a summary essay

If you’re all geared up towards persuading someone now, compose a good summary essay. Here below you’ll learn how. However, you can at any time cease doing in on your own and delegate this headache to experienced authors of our service. If you do this, you’ll no longer require torturing yourself with a question of how to write a summary essay.

Basic algorithm:

  • Attentively read and explore the original text. Having read it, get a feeling for the writer’s tone, style, mood and also try to identify the key ideas expressed.
  • You require dividing the text into several sections, and sketching a rough outline. If you break the text into several parts, you’ll make the material much easier to grasp. After this you need to read every part once more, and then highlight some of the major points. You should mark areas, which you want to refer to in your paper. Also mark those, which shouldn’t find themselves in your writing work.
  • In case of having a clear understanding of the information in every part of the source, you require writing down the key idea in every section in the form of a short overview.
  • Write an introduction, it needs to briefly illustrate the key ideas in the authentic text. Your introduction needs to come with the name of the writer, the title of his or her work as well as some background information about the writer, if required.
  • In the key body paragraphs, you require stating the ideas you’ve picked up when reading the text. You should expand on them by simply including several examples from the authentic text. You should provide important information only, while avoiding insignificant, minor points.
  • After you’ve summarized the key ideas in the authentic text, your essay is completed. A conclusion paragraph needs to be added if your advisor specifically tells you to include one.

Topic selection

You are free to write a summary essay on a scientific work, an intriguing article, a research paper or even a novel. The given type of essay might be on any subject. For instance, you might desire to write a summary essay on:

  • a film of Ingmar Bergman
  • for Whom the Bell Toll by Ernest Hemingway
  • a novel by Jack London
  • a blog post of a well-known reporter
  • the Critique of the Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant
  • an article in The New York Times

Key points to consider

  • One of the most crucial aspects about a summary essay is its direct connection to the source. Don’t forget that your interpretation of the source can easily mislead your audience or even distort the meaning of the original text.
  • Your summary essay needs to serve as a substitute for the authentic source; by simply reading your summary essay, a reader should be able to clearly understand the original work.
  • The given type of essay is about summarizing the authentic text, and not criticizing it.

Extra tips

When working on your summary essay consider what you should do in your writing work:

  • Ensure that you’ve told exactly what the writer did when citing his or her words.
  • Cite the writer’s words if you require using them. Otherwise, it might resemble plagiarism.
  • Have your paper revised when it’s ready. You might find a pretty nice place to insert a fresh quotation, fix some errors and also make other improvements. Moreover, you can give your paper to a friend of yours to read this stuff and detect hidden glitches you might have already overlooked.
  • Make use of the present tense, even if the writer of the authentic text died long time ago.
  • Try to understand the authentic source entirely. If you have doubts regarding the meaning of certain terms, have them clarified before you start writing.

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