Microbiology and Unknown Affected person Essay

Microbiology and Unidentified Organism

Unknown Report

Emily Juhl

Section – 3

The spring 15, 2013

Unknown #8

Family: Enterobacteriaceae

Genus: Serratia

Species: Marcescens


Bacteria are frequently finding methods to resists to antibiotics. That is why, it is important to check and watch unknown microorganisms in the research laboratory to continually improve the health and well being of contemporary society. The objective of this report was to first isolate a single nest of an unfamiliar culture over a LB agar plate. From here, a slant was made and used for multiple types of testing in order to determine the identity from the unknown patient. The testing performed to distinguish the not known organism included Gram Staining, Fluid thioglycollate/aero-tolerance test, Methyl Red-Vogues Proskauer, SIM test, Lysine Decarboxylase test, Lactose Fermentation test, Simmons Citrate test, and TSI test. The Gram staining approach showed the organism was Gram adverse and bacilli shaped. The fluid thioglycollate test showed that the affected person was a facultative anaerobe, meaning ATP could be produced through aerobic respiration or fermentation. Positive results for the remaining tests included Chic Proskauer test out, Lysine Decarboxylase test, Simmons Citrate check, and the motility portion of the SIM test. Negative effects included Methyl Red evaluation, Lactose Fermentation test, plus the indole and sulfur percentage of the SIM test. The TSI test showed a yellow booty and slant, with bubbles and no black precipitate. These conclusions recognized the unidentified organism since Serratia marcescens.


The purpose of this paper was to inform the reader from the importance of microbiology in the world today. Microbiology studies the behavior of organisms and teaches students regarding the effect of bacteria, fungi, viruses, wrack, and candida on life. Studying these kinds of microorganisms offers insight for the spread of numerous diseases and how they can be manipulated, treated, and prevented through antibiotics, antimicrobics, and vaccinations. These microorganisms also perform a factor in agriculture and food creation, and even foodstuff contamination. Additionally , waste management and vitamin extractions happen to be connected to microbes strains. Without the observations of several crucial men, the waste supervision, food industry, mining, treatments, and all study would not be where it really is today. There is not clear proof as to who made the first remark of bacteria, but in the 1600s, a male named Robert Hooke was said to produce important observations of different strands of fungus. Another important contributor to the microbiology world was Anton vehicle Leeuwenhoek. Via 1670 to 1723, he observed appropriate images of protozoa, fungi, and bacteria. After his death in 1723, a long time went by with little improvement towards the advancement microbiology, plus the theory of spontaneous era developed. Yet , Francesco Redi eventually disproved this belief along with Lazzaro Spallanzani who each stated that decaying various meats and hard boiled broth would not give rise to incredibly tiny organisms. Lastly, a scientist by the name of John Pasteur attempted to prove his theory that bacteria were to blame for products like wine beverage and dairy products becoming bad. After a large number of unsuccessful efforts to confirm his germ theory, Robert Koch proven this theory by refining anthrax bacterias apart from other organisms. These kinds of discoveries and observations about new organisms is important within our world, because it led to fresh advances and cures of existing and future illnesses. It allowed us to quickly react to different stresses of illnesses and prevent a large number of deaths and illnesses.

To be able to identify a mystery organism, it first was isolated in the sample. This method was finished using aseptic technique to be able to prevent toxic contamination that would alter the results. Once the bacterias was cultured in the research laboratory, the different assessments listed above were...