Midterm Dissertation


п»їMindy Sidwell

MG-495 Midterm Exam Scholar's Answer Piece

Each Multiple Choice Issue is worth several points. You should place the page that matches with your answer(a, b, c, d, or e) in the appropriate box below.

1 . b

13. b

2 . a

12-15. a

3. a

18. a

some. a

seventeen. d

five. c

18. a

6. e

nineteen. e

six. b

twenty. d

eight. a

21. b

9. b

22. c

15. a

twenty three. c

eleven. a

twenty four. c

doze. a

twenty-five. b

13. c


Each Short Answer/Essay Question will be worth 8 factors. (Feel free to use as much space as you may need to answer these five (5) inquiries. )

26. The four basic elements of strategic administration are:

Period 1- Fundamental financial planning- this is when managers initiate spending budget planning for the entire year. The planning of the budget may be time consuming. Sometimes companies may suspend selected activities while they are working on the budget. (Wheelen, 5) Stage 2- Forecast-based planning- this is when managers make an effort to plan for another five years. This would contain planning for jobs that would take more than one 12 months. This type of preparing can also be frustrating; it may take from three to five years. (Wheelen, 5) Phase 3- Externally focused planning- this is how the upper administration will meet and speak about their ideal plan. The strategic strategy needs to be current once a year therefore the company can keep up with their very own competitors. (Wheelen, 5) Period 4- Proper management- An excellent top supervision team will know that any well made programs will not exercise unless everyone understands about the plans and want to help carry out the plans. (Wheelen, 6)

27. Since there has been so many company scandals since 2k the U. S. Our elected representatives passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in June of 2002. This work protects investors from excesses or failures of a firm. Another element of the take action is that there may be more board independence and oversight. An additional element is that boards may possibly no longer give loans...