Module3 Assignment-21st Century Pupil Essay

Module3 Assignment-21st Century Student


This weekend I had been at the shopping center and observed groups of students socializing. These were interacting between each other and having a good time. I recently came across their interaction styles, social/interpersonal behaviors, subject areas of discussion, common phrases and verbiage, behaviour, clothing and body skill.

The communication design was friendly and often moments the use of words and phrases was improper or obscene. I could clearly see the influence of technology on students. Each one particular had a cell phone and was texting when talking to the other person. Some had been showing one another the " cool” stuff they have on their cell phones, these people were taking pictures and looking at it and were making humor about some thing they saw in the mobile phone. Some acquired iPods plus some had additional game system. They appeared to be doing a good job multi-tasking.

Their very own social/interpersonal behaviors were silent interesting to see. They were phoning each other apparently derogatory brands and no a single seemed to head that! For example " Years old dumpling head” and " yellow popcorn” instead of " hello”. A lot of boys and girls had been holding hands while others in the group had been giving substantial fives plus some of them were doing silly things like producing funny encounters or making silly tones while having a conversation to make the group laugh.

Their very own topics of dialogue as a group had been school, planning what they would do in summer, Facebook . com, downloading points from internet and relationships. Males mostly were talking about cars/bikes, athletics, music and body building. Women talked about buying and the offers you reach a particular retail store, popular television shows like American Idol-(which was their favorite), popular music albums, catalogs and vogue.

Whenever they were talking their prevalent phrases and verbiage were less formal. They employed slang, cursing and inappropriate words. This seemed that this made them come closer to one another. There was clearly total insufficient respect but no one seemed to mind...