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Lesson 02 -- Verbs (

There are two kinds of verbs 1 . Transitive verbs A transitive verb should have an object otherwise phrase is not complete. Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: We examine English (There should be anything for use to English) The lady eats sweets. (There ought to be something on her behalf to eat) 2 . Intransmutable verbs A great intransitive action-word cannot come with an object. Generally there fore the noun or pronoun that comes after an intransitive action-word, should control by a preposition. Ex: All of us sat under a tree. The lady goes to college. He stares at me personally. Look at these sentences, Farmers plough the paddy discipline. Farmers plough in the paddy field. The lady speaks The english language. She echoes in English language. This is the way; all of us form multiple verbs into singular.

1 . Most of the dual verbs form their unique by adding H to the plural verbs. Ex. Speak – Speaks Come – comes Love -- loves --

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2 . If a multiple, verb leads to [ss, ch, you will need, x, o] we form the novel by adding es to the plural. Ex. Get – grabs Wash – washes

a few. If a dual verb leads to a Con following a component to the form the singular Y changes in I through adding ES. Ex. Study – studies Travel - lures

But at times Play – plays State - says Verb features basically three forms. Some verbs will give below: Basic Form Gamble burst Cost Cut Let Split Beat Bring Hemorrhage Come Drill down Creep Capture Dream Get Light Lose Meet Spend Keep Include Past Tight bet burst cost slice let break up beat helped bring bled emerged dug crept caught dreamed got lit lost attained paid stored had Past Participle wager burst cost cut allow split defeated brought brousse came dug crept caught dreamt got lit shed met paid out kept acquired --

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Make Discover Leave Suggest Run Say Send Sell off Be Offer Go

built found left meant happened to run said delivered sold was gave gone

made identified left intended run stated sent distributed been given removed

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