Own Beliefs on Education Essay

Own Philosophy on Education

My Idea on Education

I confess that writing my own idea on education had me thinking for quite a while. There has been a number of questions that emerged in my mind while pondering on coming up with my own idea. I asked myself why I have to teach, whom I am going to train and how Let me become a long term educator to students. Consequently, I initial defined what an education theory means to myself and dreamed of a educator I had i look up to. As a result, I hope I can express my philosophy together with the thoughts I use gathered.

Personally, I actually consider the teaching job as a great honorable job. It is through this occupation that millions of learned mankind has become great professionals excelling on their own domains of expertise. With this, I could say that the teaching occupation is a essential part of our system as it acts as the vehicle wherever one imparts knowledge to others. Furthermore, I realize learning since acquiring knowledge or perhaps experience. This said purchase is not only limited within the several corners from the room yet is also experienced right outside the school – the surroundings.

Students – I believe that these happen to be beings with innate know-how. They are not really empty vessels, but are physiques that have this " natural knowledge”. Realizing that they have this kind of what I phone " organic knowledge”, it really is I, the near future educator, to create strategies and techniques which will trigger in awakening this knowledge and provide activities to obtain this progressed into something larger, better, more productive and essential for the learner.

When I was still being a student, particularly in the school, I was more motivated to teachers that have been very friendly and approachable in and out of doors class. Moreover, I was encouraged with a classroom environment exactly where I could think a friendly competition among my own classmates and cooperation and participation had been both extremely practiced and valued. Hence, I can admit I was motivated your friendly tutor that produces a...