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Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Naturell (India) Pvt. Limited. is a experienced healthy life-style company. Nevertheless we live in an regarding modern opportunities and great advancement, mankind's battle with well being disorders reveals no signal of diminishing. This is a consequence of the fast urban unnatural lifestyle, changing diet patterns, lack of physical exercise, stress etc . These are responsible for making most of the urban homes susceptible to health conditions like producing diabetes, hypercholesteria, heart disease, hypertension and many a times even lack of essential nutrients. It can be in such an age that Naturell's high grade products try to enrich the life of the health conscious consumer by giving superior quality, great tasting and nutritious products. BUSINESS PROFILE

Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd. has launched over 10 years ago. This is a Food and Beverages Market. Mr Vijay Uttarwar is definitely CEO of Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd. The motto behind Naturell is healthier urban for any wealthy countryside. Uttarwar can bear the complete investments pertaining to Naturell. When shaping industry for normal and healthier lifestyles, Naturell plans to aid farmers give attention to high-value vegetation. The objective behind the company being different, there is no exit strategy; hence the corporation will not be attracting an investor. " Stugar”, a natural herb-based zero-calorie sweetener, may be the first item introduced simply by Naturell business. Stugar will probably be extracted via naturally occurring plant called " Stevia”. Stevia is a wonderful herb from your rain forests of the Amazon. Stevia leaves have incredible sweeten power. Its extract is usually 100 to 300 occasions sweeter than sugar. Yet, it is Entirely Calorie Free, Carbohydrate Free of charge! So it does not affect blood sugar level which is safe to get diabetics.

ITEMS. deals with 3 type of product. They are the following: • SugaRite

• RiteSip

• RiteBite



This is Diet Sweetener - Created from Sugar & so it Preferences like Glucose. SugaRite can be...