Softball in Olympics Essay

Softball in Olympics

They're out!

Strike 3, they're away! On Come july 1st 8th the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had a members in Singapore where they will came to the conclusion that Softball would no longer be aside of the Olympic Games. The conference was actually about Hockey, but they made a decision to pitch in Softball simply because they noticed no difference in the sporting activities. Granted, Softball isn't one of the well-liked sports activities in the world! Presented time as well as exposure it could very well end up being one of the most played out sports around the globe. There has but to be a genuine excuse as to why the IOC insists in taking Football out of the 2012 and past Olympic Games. Competitive softball must be continued in the Olympics to ensure hope for young girls around the globe that they can target more then just college or university softball.

The IOC's getting together with in Singapore was intentionally for football, but however softball was inserted with this debate. Simply because took away Softball from the Olympics, they had to come up with reasons why they will decided to take it out. One particular explanation they stated was that the facilities cost excessively. They also declare there are too few countries to participate in the Olympics with this sport. Unfortunately, they don't research their argument very well because there are 126 countries that play football, eight that participate, and 32 which may have asked to participate nonetheless they have been refused because of their play level. (King) The USA features won a few gold metals in a row and their record last Olympic season was 27-4. (NBC Sports) The IOC says there is not enough competition since the USA is constantly on the win. Many agree that the US group should not have to apologize because of their winning streak. The IOC also believes that Competitive softball is going to drop the road of steroid abuse simply because hockey has.

Even though, Softball and Baseball seem to be the same sport with handful of differences, Recreational softball is being reprimanded for an incorrect doings of Baseball. Possibly those who have by no means...