Review of Related Literature and Studies Composition

Review of Related Books and Research

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature and Studies

Review of Related Literary works (Foreign)

Tomas Shearin(March, 2012)

1 . ) Endocarp was preferable to crop-based biofuels as it had not any value as being a food item. " Its exploitation as power source does not contend with food creation, " explained Tomas Shearin. 2 . ) ‘'Most coconut endocarp originates from South and South-East Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam''. This proves that endocarp can be found in each of our country. Avoi Aguilar(2012)

three or more. ) ‘'Climate change may lead to the failure of coral formations reef environments in the Pacific, of the kind last noticed 4, 1000 years ago. '' Researchers found that coral reefs reefs along the Pacific coast of Panama ceased growing for 2, 500 years, or 40 per cent of their history, during a time period that coincides with a rise in the strength and frequency from the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) — a fluctuation from the inter-tropical surface area pressure habits and flow in the Of india and Gulf of mexico — a few 4, 000 years ago. Which means that we need bioenergy use for electricity. This method can Give all of us renewable energy from plants and at the same time, lessens the fast development global warming. Rich Aronson(2012)

some. ) Rich Aronson, a biologist by Florida Institute of Technology, said that if we keep water removal carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we're able to be in another long-term fall of coral reefs reefs, which would be extremely bad for the developing community, so all of us probably start using bioenergy so that we could lessen carbon dioxide on sale since the atmosphere. Tilman, David(2012)

5. ) Biomass energy brings numerous environmental benefits—particularly reducing amount types of air pollution and net co2 emissio

Review of Related Literature (Local)

Researchers in Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences(2012) 1 . ) The researchers said that endocarp bioenergy can meet up to 30 percent of total strength needs in Sri...