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All will probably be equivocal – micro entrepreneurship at the country level adds much to overall development of rural economy. Without the advancement rural economic climate, it is unspeakable to have cultural development and increase in the caliber of life of rural persons. This can be achieved trough tapping the all-natural resources with the rural areas (area specific) of India and converting them to likelihood of value added products most needed by the downtown lots. Now-a – times, the demand intended for fruit jellies, jelly, corn, Pickles, Banana/ potato/ Arbi chips and so forth has increased many fold due to dearth of your time or leisure time at the hands of the females folk at home as they are likewise working along with their husbands. With this monogram we all make an humble attempt to present procedures for some of the fresh fruit and veggie processing just like Jam, Jello, Sauce, Lead capture pages, Chips etc . along with the economics & cost effectiveness of the processes.

Detailed Process of Preparation of Fruit Jam

Jam is a nutritious and palatable merchandise prepared from fresh fruits like Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Remige, Apple etc . Besides, it can be manufactured from regionally available fruits. Due to fast urbanization and change in life-style the demand for jam or jelly is definitely increasing everyday. The present content gives a in depth procedure for prep of 1 kg of jam from mixed fruits like Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Apple etc .


1 . Roughly grated mixed fruits

1 . 250 kg of fresh fruit can

yield you kg of grated fruit

1 . 00kg

2 . Sweets 1 kg

3. Citric Acid 8-10 g

some. Sodium Benzoate 2 . a few g

your five. Colour and Essence because required

Process: Fruits are peeled, minimize in to small pieces and grated then boiling in a pressure oven for 5 minutes. The boiled materials are manufactured into to pulp and sieved through wire fine mesh. Pulp and sugar happen to be mixed in a proportion of just one: 1 and heated till it is thicker. The centered pulp can then be cooled and sodium benzoate is added. In case of mixed fruit jam, addition of essence and colour will not be required as different fruits impart diverse colour and flavour. Nevertheless for a molon fruit quickly pull, essence and colour may be added.

Well cooled material is loaded in well sterilized containers secured with pilfer proof caps. Air flow tightness with the packaging will ensure better shelf-life of the product. Economics: In a yield of just one. 5 kilogram ( Grape or Clown or Mango or Pineapple) Jam

1 ) Cost of 1250 of


Rs. 55. 00

2 . Sugar Rs. 45. 00

3. Expense of Processing Rs. 20. 00

4. cost of Packaging Rs. 5. 00

5. Additional over minds Rs. 12-15. 00

Total Rs. one hundred thirty five. 00

Predicted sale value per kilogram = Rs. 120. 00

Total go back on 1 ) 5. kg of the merchandise = Rs. 180. 00

Hence, total profit would be Rs. 45. 00

Be aware: It is always advisable and successful too the fact that product should be manufactured from nearby available fruits. Fresh stuff. when found in plenty should be used for the purpose. For better marketability, top quality control is extremely essential. Consequently , entrepreneurs should try to get FPO licence from your appropriate expert.

Detailed Process of Preparation of Jelly

Jello is another yummy and nutritive preparation from fresh fruits like guava, lemon, mango etc . It is totally different from that of quickly pull on the stage that due to natural pectin available in the fruit such as clown or guava or added pectin the product looks while crystal clear jello like material.

Recipe -! For Grape Jelly

( For 1 . 5 kg of product)

1 . Guava 1 kg

2 . Normal water 1500ml

a few. Sugar one particular kg

some. Citric acid 10 g

5. Raspberry red shade as needed

Recipe -2 for Additional Fruits that do not effectively have Pectin

1 . Juice - Pineapple/ Mango/


1 litre

2 . Sweets 1 kg

3. Citric acid( Sum of citric acid is going to

vary based on the pungency of

the fruit)

5-1 0g

5. Pectin powder 10g

a few. Permitted colour as


6. Permitted Essence as


Procedure for Guava Jello

Fresh guava ( 1 kg ) is peeled, cut in slices and boiled within a pressure oven for twenty minutes. The juice is definitely filtered...


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