Essay in Tata nano

Tata piccolo

п»ї-problems faced by Orde to build world's cheapest car:

=battle atmosphere rocketing costs

=huge anatomist hurdles

=bad press (car caught fire).

Some of the early on nanos caught fire within the streets. Local and intl experts had been brought in to look at the problem but nothing was located wrong with the design of the vehicle. In response the nano design and style team of the car chosen to take further safety measures produce a more powerful nano. Additional protection was provided in exhaust system. In electrical system extra fuses were added. В

=violent uprisings in Singur, Kolkata (west bengal) led to shifting of manufacturer 2200kms (using 3400 total truck loads) away for state of gujrat (near town sanand) (this was obviously a 450 acres complex of massive workshops); workforce of 2, 300 people. This new factory was officially opened in June 2010.

5 main sections of stock:

Engine & transmission constructed in powertrains building

Piece metal is definitely pressed in to panels in the press store

Weld store assembles the panels in a body

Then your panels happen to be sent throughout a skybridge to the fresh paint shop Then all the parts come together on the Trim, body & surface finish (TCF) shop В

Our factory is capable of manufacturing 350, 500 Nanos a year during optimum production This boasts cutting edge automation & has over 130 robots (70% software factory) В

= one more problem was training a workforce of villagers(in Gujrat) in order to operate the businesses and development departments inside the factory. Trainees were inducted at age 18.

= every price needed to be lowered starting from style right right up until the production В

At the end the vehicle had to be a people's car (fuel economic system would be crucial along with handling in the car) and also be aesthetical which was a real conundrum В

-The Nano project (code named project X3) were only available in Tata's manufacturing plant in Pune (20, 000 employees job here) -early stage style even engaged bars instead of doors to prevent people by falling out in the car nevertheless Ratan Tata did...